Odor Problems

Detecting Permeated Hose:

Go aboard your boat just before searching for failed hose so that your nose is not use to the odor.

  • Do you have an odor as soon as you enter the boat? If "NO" got to the next step. If "Yes", try to determine the odor, diesel fuel, gas, rotten eggs or sulphur smell.
  • Do you have an odor when a hatch is opened. If "No" go to the next step. If "Yes" check to area and see if there are any sanitation hoses go to the step below and wipe the hoses. If you see any water stir it up and see if the smell gets stronger (bilge water especially salt water will smell like rotten eggs if sitting undistrurbed for a while.
  • Does it only smell when the toilet is flushed inside the head area? If "No" go to the step below. If "Yes" determine if the toilet using Fresh Water or Salt Water to flush. Salt Water will give off a strong rotten egg or sulphur smell. Fresh water should have no odors.

  • Does it only smell when the toilet is flushed out side the boat or inside the boat? If it is outside, check to see if the Vent Filter is working properly, If you don't have a vent filter, Installing one may solve the problem. If "Inside the boat" check all connections to see if there any any leaks. Check by the waste tank and make sure the connections and the tank are in good condition, also check level indicator or waste cleanout caps, make sure the O'Ring is in good shape and the connection is snug. Check for  a clogged vent. A clogged vent will pressurize your waste tank and could possibly cause harm to the tank. Make sure there are no kinks in the vent hose and it is not run below the top of the tank, If it does it could be clogged with waste. If you have ever overfilled the waste tank this would also cause this problem. In the salt water environment the salt will clog the screens located on the vent tru hull fitting. Check to see if your boat has this type of fitting.

• Wipe all sanitation hoses, including the holding tank vent hose with a paper towel. Smell the towel for waste odor. Do not smell the hose directly. This will desensitized your nose.

• Use a new paper towel for each hose.

• The permeated hose will transfer the odor to the paper towel.

If you have determined that the sanitation hoses are premeated, It would be a recommendation to replace all the hoses. 

If you have determined you only get an odor when flushing and you use salt water, I would recommend converting to fresh water or upgrading your existing system to a VacuFlush® Sanitation system.

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