Why Dometic Sealand VacuFlush

VacuFlush® toilets increase holding tank capacity.
Operates with a pump-generated vacuum which uses only about a pint of water per flush. Typical marine toilets use a gallon or more per flush, filling a holding tank more than four times faster.

Eliminate unpleasant odors.
Freshwater operation means there's none of the nasty odors you get with a saltwater flushing toilet. It also means seaweed and sea creatures stay where they belong.

They are waterproof.
This is a great feature for boats where your toilet is located your shower area, There are no electrical motors or wire connections on our toilets, no premature failures


Stay clean and sanitary
Thanks to our innovative bowl design with large water surface area, as well as our powerful vacuum suction, VacuFlush toilets stay clean longer and remain sanitary and odor-free.

Use less electricity to flush.
Our system draws a mere 4-6 amps, while competitive systems draw up to 20 amps or more.

Provide guest-proof operation.
Just press the pedal or pull the hand lever and the vacuum evacuates the bowl as fresh water rinses it clean. With our optional status panel, you'll always know when it's ready to flush.

Unbeatable reliability.
By eliminating accumulation of impurities and salt residue, VacuFlush's freshwater operation reduces maintenance requirements and extends the life of system components significant

Look great & increase resale value.
China bowls, elegant designs, reflect a higher standard of quality. Their appearance, as well as all their benefits, increases the value of any boat. All-China Bowl Construction virtually stain-free and easy to clean.



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